Meet the #1 Medical ID on the market today! If you RUN, HIKE, BIKE or do any outdoor activity you need to make this part of your gear selection. The all-new Hive MyID offered by One Touch Med Alert is the next generation of emergency medical ID designed with the active lifestyle in mind. Regarldess of your health or age status accidents can and do happen.  Be prepared!


Your ID band will link emergency repsonders or good samaritans to your emergency health profile complete with personal, medical and emergency contact info. The metal POD in the center of the band  comes in three colors (silver, gold and black) allowing you to customize the look and feel of your band.


The 3 access points (QR Code, telephone number and website) to your medical profile are laser engraved for maximum durability and are found on the underside of the POD.  QR code offers quick scanning to access your informaition during an emergency.  A telephone number and website offer two additional ways to access your emergency profile.


Go to the "How it works" page to see informational video!

One Touch Medical ID Bracelet

Band Color
Pod Color