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3 More Reasons to  Choose One Touch Med Alert Products & Services


When you need help no matter how big or small the incident, you need it now.  Our team is standing by 24/7 to assist you. All calls answered within seconds.


Our medical alert services are extrememly competitive with all major national brands with NO contract needed. When it comes to Medical ID products, your online health profile is always FREE!


Whether you choose our Made in the USA Home Sytem or our most advanced mobile medical alert you're always connected to the help you need. We take you putting your trust in us seriously.  All systems must pass our in house standards of realiablity and ease of use.

Smart, Convenient & Secure

MyID products offer a perfect solution for you to carry your personal medical and emergency information with you at all times.  Regardless of your age, activity level or health status, MyID is a smart choice.

Scan, Click or Call

Each product offers 3 ways to access your emergency information – Scan QR code, Call 24/7 hotline, or Click website. Your completely updateable profile will be available when it is most needed.

First Responder Friendly

Via smart phone or tablet, First responders can quickly scan the QR code found on your MyID product giving them full access to your vital information.  Since your profile is stored securely online,  information is always current and readily available. 

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